Beat COVID-19 Variants Delta and Omicron with Prayer

Beat COVID-19 Variants Delta and Omicron with Prayer

People across the planet were ecstatic to say goodbye to what they referred to as the “unlucky 2020” with new hopes and aspirations to beat COVID-19. While billions of people welcomed 2022 with optimism for normalcy, the year proved to be as deadly as its predecessors. Several countries across the globe fought a feral second wave and even a third wave. There is no doubt that a COVID-19 Prayer request has become even more relevant now.

Wide-spread vaccination drives across the planet intimidated the survival of the pandemic. However, the virus changed with time and created new variants such as Delta and Omicron, making the existing vaccines potentially less effective.

Health Infrastructure Crumbled

Although the vaccination drives initially put worries related to the Coronavirus to rest, these new variants hardly gave any time to think and crumbled the health infrastructure. Are you asking yourself the all-important question- Is there any hope to beat these COVID-19 variants?

Although truth hurts at certain times, the answer to this question is not tough at all. It is time we all look beyond the available vaccines and get closer to God. Our Lord is the only remedy for this. While scientists across the globe are coming up with boosters and vaccines, we cannot ignore the power of sincere and heartfelt prayers.

There is a need for all to get vaccinated. At the same time, let us start accepting that people have become more hedonistic and selfish. It is time we all start praying so that these people regain their senses and stop being so self-centered.

We just celebrated the birth of Christ, God’s son who came to this planet to defeat Satan. He is our ultimate healer. Time has come to seek His love and blessings. So, seek the ultimate cure and His healing touch through prayers and beat the new COVID-19 variants.

About The Salvation Garden

The Salvation Garden is a dedicated prayer community. We understand how important it is to deliver your prayers to the Holy Land.

The procedure one needs to follow is pretty simple. You need to fill out your Delta Variant Prayer Request or Omicron variant Prayer Request and choose churches in the Holy Land. We will visit those churches to deliver your Prayer from Covid-19 personally. We will also confirm the delivery of the prayer to the sender’s email ID accompanied by an optional video.


Beat COVID-19 Variants Delta and Omicron with Prayer

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