Catholic Prayer

Prayer is the act of raising one's heart to God. We can deliver our prayers in ways, by speaking, contemplation or even singing. With prayer we can acknowledge God's power and goodness by recognizing our need to look to Him.

Sometimes, our needs surpass our own ability of prayer. In these times, we can submit a prayer request to a member of the Church so they can prayer on our behalf. You can do this by asking someone in person or writing a note for the clergy. With today's technology we can also do it online. The internet has allowed us to create a worldwide, interconnected Catholic community.

We were surprised to learn how online prayer requests are becoming increasingly common. Not only can we request prayers online, but there is also a vast source of information online. We can find on the web examples of daily prayers to help us find direction or to help increase our daily communication with God.

Using the internet to help us pray can also give us a new chance to reflect on the day. Before going online, we can meditate on what we are searching for. By taking this time out of our days, we are strengthening our relationship with God and the Church. In time, we can find that online prayers may become part of our own personal prayers.

Online prayer can be used for our daily prayers. These prayers help us get through the ups and downs of every day life. By reflecting on our everyday actions, we can think of ways to live by God's example.

We can also turn to virtual prayer for sacraments and liturgy. These prayers allow us to put God's word into action. Sacraments are outward signs of grace while liturgy is what empowers us to bring forth the Kingdom of God.

The next time you are unsure of what to pray for, you can turn to the web. There are many resources designed to improve your prayer life and your relationship with God.

Catholic online prayer requests

Prayer does not have to be a solitary experience. Prayer becomes more powerful and meaningful when you are joined by others.

"Pray for one another, that you may be healed" (James 5:16)

Catholic prayer requests have traditionally been delivered in writing or in conversation with Church leaders. But now there is a new era of prayer. The power of technology allows us to send prayer requests around the world.

Why use the Internet for Catholic prayer requests?

When this concept was a new idea for us, it seemed strange and impersonal and impersonal at first. However, we remembered the power of lifting up one another in prayer. We are grateful that today's technology allows us to pray far and wide and we are humbled that we can respond to prayer requests of people for all over the world.

What kind of prayer can I request online?

Whether it is something traditional or straight from the heart, you can submit any kind of Catholic prayer online. There is no right or wrong way to request a prayer. Take a moment to think about what you want to say to God, either for yourself or others. You may find that online you have a chance to share more than you might have done in person.

Ask for health or forgiveness, pray for God's guidance and salvation. Prayer is essential in asking for God's blessings. Like many things in life, prayer can be made better by asking for help from others.

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