Holy Land Office: Kfar Uriya, Jerusalem District,
Holy Land of Israel

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    How do I know my prayer was delivered?
    This is a great question. We know that distance raises doubts, but the Holy Land Prayers was founded to make Christians feel closer to the Holy Land. Therefore, we wish to share with you as much as possible. A picture or video of each prayer is taken at the Holy Site. After, we send you the file so you can see your prayer in Jerusalem with your own eyes.
    How long does it take to deliver the prayer?
    The Holy Land Prayers team does our best to deliver the prayer as soon as possible. Under normal circumstances, your prayer will be delivered within 10 days of ordering it from our site. However, COVID-19 is disrupting our regular prayer route and delivery may take longer. There is also an option for urgent delivery (select it after clicking Continue).
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