Prayer for the Sick

"And the prayer of faith will save the one who is sick, and the Lord will raise him up" (James 5:15).

Prayer can always help in the face of sickness. God can work miracles by showing us His glory on earth by healing our illnesses. As the New Testament tells us, we should lift up the sick and unwell in prayer so that the Lord may provide healing. We must always remember that even if we pray for the sick to be healed, God will always hear us but His gift of healing is always done in accordance to His sovereign will.


Illness is a natural part of human life. At some point in our lives, either we our someone we know will fall ill. When we say a prayer against sickness, it is asking God to heal us from our ailments. Prayers to God for sickness can also include relief of serious symptoms or respite from chronic illness. It may not always be possible to achieve complete physical healing, but we can always be entirely spiritually healed.

Ultimately a prayer against sickness is a prayer against evil. We can always pray that the goodness of God will win against the forces of evil. Healing from illness if a visible manifestation of God's triumph over Satan. Even if the prayer is directly asking for God's healing intercession, it is also a prayer for the return of God's kingdom on Earth.


You can pray for God to heal the sick anytime. Even if you are not personally sick, you can ask God to heal others and help the world overcome illness. Take the time to ask God to ease pain and suffering by bring miraculous healing to this world. Pray to God that doctors and nurses will be filled with skill and wisdom in order to aid God's mission.

God wants us to be whole, not just in body, but also in our mind and spirit. Wherever there is pain, there is also an opportunity for God's glory through healing.


The burden of healing always falls on God. Our Creator is the only one who can give the order to heal and rescue us from sickness. The Bible tells us stories of His miraculous healing from illnesses. However, the Bible also tells us that healing is a gift from God that is granted only if it is for the common good of the Church, and is in accordance with God's sovereign will.

Though we may fervently desire it and pray for it, God does not always grant us immediate healing from all of life's ailments. The Bible tells us to pray for the sick, but it also reminds us that healing is never guaranteed.

King David prayed and fasted for seven days to save his dying child, but he also recognized that God may not heal his son.

"Who knows? The Lord may be gracious to me and let the child live" (2 Samuel 22).

God did not grant healing to King David's son, but King David continued to pray and worship Him.

When saying a prayer for the sick, it's important to remember the following things:

Healing miracles are rare. The Bible gives us proof of God's healing power through the miracles performed by Jesus. It feels like almost every page recounts a tale of Jesus saving the blind, deaf and leprous. The Bible covers thousands of years of history so we know while Jesus healed many people, there are many more that he did not heal.

Healing often comes gradually. Immediate healing is not always part of God's plan. It is hard to continue in suffering but pain sickness are under His domain. Even if you prayed many times and have not received one of God's miracles, does not mean it is time to give up. Continue to pray and have faith in the Lord.

Let God speak to your pain and bring comfort and wisdom during this part of your life. Allow these afflictions to become part of your testimony. Remember that the ultimate healing is promised to all of those who live with faith in God.

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