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At the Salvation Garden, we see prayer as a simple form of communication with God. Yes, many people use prayer to ask God for blessings or for good things to come into their lives. But we can use prayer to talk to God, the same way we would talk to our family or friends. Just like our everyday conversations depending on our needs or mood, our conversations with God can also change on a regular basis. When the time is right for you, say a prayer of worship, thanks or praise.

Take the time to talk with God and share the good and bad in your life. Praying doesn't always need to mean the same thing. It is a time of reflection that can strike you anywhere, not just in church.

Your prayers can be a constant line of communication with God throughout the whole day. It's each person's choice of how to say a prayer. Some choose to offer their prayers to God silently, others say it out loud or write it down. Now with modern technology, you can also choose to have your prayer heard in Jerusalem.

If you need help connecting with God, you can have your prayers hand-delivered to the churches of the Holy Land. Through our online prayer requests, you can have your prayers dialed directly in to the land of Jesus Christ.

Wherever and however you choose to pray, remember that God is always there to hear you.

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