Know All about All Hallows’ Eve or Halloween

Know All about All Hallows’ Eve or Halloween

Know All about All Hallows' Eve or Halloween

All Hallows’ Eve or Halloween falls on October 31 every year. It is one day before All Saints’ Day or All Hallows’ Day in the Christian calendar. Traditionally, the Church held a vigil on All Hallows’ Eve, and worshipers would fast and pray before the feast day. The name derives from an Old English Word hallowed, meaning sanctified or holy.

History of All Hallows’ Eve

Its history dates back to the time when people celebrated a pagan festival called Samhain. The word Halloween means hallowed evening and comes from All Hallows’ Eve. Centuries ago, people went from door-to-door dressed as saints. That’s how the tradition of trick-or-treating and Halloween costumes started.

Many of you could be already aware that Halloween falls on October 31. However, not many people know that early European celebrators called it All Hallows’ Eve. All Hallows’ Eve and All Saints’ Day, which falls a day later (November 1), paid homage to saints. Eventually, the day is called Halloween, which we all love and know to this day.

Why Do We Celebrate Halloween on October 31?

We celebrate Halloween on October 31 as Samhain, an ancient Greek festival that occurred on the same day. It was a crucial time of year as seasons changed. However, observers believed that the boundary between this universe and the next became narrow at this time. Thus, they could connect with people who were no more in this world.

Some other cultures also shared similar beliefs. For instance, the Jewish holiday called Yom Kippur also falls in October. Jews pray for the departed souls on this day. It is also where All Hallows’ Eve or Halloween gets its haunted flavor.

How Do People Celebrate Halloween?

In ancient times, Samhain included many ritualistic ceremonies to get closer to spirits. Although much detail is not available about those celebrations, several believers feel the Celts wore strange costumes to disguise themselves against ghosts. They made lanterns out of gourds and relished special feasts to mark the day.

Over time, as the popularity of Christianity as a religion increased, there were fewer pagan undertones in its celebration. However, the day’s basic traditions continued to be a part of popular culture annually. Those traditions only became modern and more evolved.

As All Hallows’ Eve is about to arrive within a few days, people are getting ready with their spooky costumes. They are also planning to gorge on mouth-watering Halloween treats, chocolates, and candies and indulge in everything that has the flavor of pumpkin spice. There is so much to look forward to during this fun October holiday.

Irrespective of your age or gender, All Hallows’ Eve or Halloween will never become old. The little ones in the family get an opportunity to dress up, and their parents enjoy the chance to sip on a special Halloween cocktail.

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Know All about All Hallows' Eve or Halloween


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