5 Best Prayers to the Holy Innocents Day for Courage and Strength | Feast Day: Dec. 28, 2021

5 Best Prayers to the Holy Innocents Day for Courage and Strength | Feast Day: Dec. 28, 2021

5 Best Prayers to the Holy Innocents Day for Courage and Strength

The Feast of the Holy Innocents or Holy Innocents Day is observed on December 28 every year. The Catholic Church remembers the first martyrs on this day. King Herod had killed these innocent children while searching for baby Jesus. The day is also called Childermas.

The Bible mentions that Herod was afraid of the King of Jews. He was also furious when he did not hear from the Magi who had visited him first to seek a newborn king. The king was upset with the escape of Jesus and issued an order to kill all male children who were below 2-year-old in Bethlehem and the neighboring localities, hoping to kill Christ.

Initially, the Feast of the Holy innocents was commemorated with Epiphany. However, it became a festival by itself by the 5th century. In ancient Rome, people fasted and mourned on this day.

The Feast of the Holy Innocents 2021 will be celebrated as a religious feast day, like every year. In Roman Catholic nations, the Holy Innocents Feast Day is a day of festivity for young kids. Some churches do not use the words Alleluia and the Gloria in the mass to honor the sufferings of the mourning mothers of Bethlehem, except when the day falls on a Sunday.

Following are the five best Holy Innocents Day Prayers for courage and strength:

1. Prayer to Protect the Children

God’s holy children, you had to face death even before you could enjoy your life. Nevertheless, you now rest and reign supreme with Jesus in glory. Look down on the earth from heaven where little ones like you are suffering and dying at the hands of criminals in this world.

Protect and surround all the innocent children when we cannot protect them. Console and comfort the parents whose losses are too big for us to imagine or comprehend.

We sing praises in heaven for the souls of all dear kids who have passed away. Please support us to become as true, pure, and simple as you!

Guide us to accept blessings and love like you. King of Kings, fill our hearts with the laughter and happiness of life to make us remember that the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to you. Amen.

2. Prayer While Signing a Cross on the Forehead of Your Child

May our Lord bless you and your children! May he be the Guardian of your mind and heart – the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit! Amen.

3. Prayer to Give Strength to Pregnant Women 

O Heavenly Father, please keep us safe from the devil’s wickedness. Protect all those helpless little kids whom you have brought to this planet. Please offer your healing touch to all those women who are pregnant in the world today.

Protect the little ones they carry in their wombs with your blessings and love. Remove their apprehension of selfishness. Make their womanly hearts full of love and affection for their little ones. Give birth to their babies safely and make sure that care a mother can give all the required care to her little one.

We pray for this through your son Jesus Christ, our Lord who reigns and lives with you. Amen.

4. Prayer to Commit the Kids and World to You

Dear God, we celebrate the arrival of the Christ-child,

We take pleasure in the association of the Holy Innocents.

We commit this community’s children, our world, and our nation to you.

Merciful Father, our virtuous God, accept our prayers for the sake of your Son.

Our Savior Christ! Amen.

5. Prayer to Establish God’s Reign of Peace and Justice 

Heavenly Father,

So many children suffered as Herod killed them,

Though they did not commit any mistake:

Please defeat all evil designs, and let all little ones be safe.

Establish your reign of peace and justice;

Through our Lord your Son Jesus Christ

He reigns with you and is alive. Amen.

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5 Best Prayers to the Holy Innocents Day for Courage and Strength


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