Joseph – God’s Appointment

Joseph – God’s Appointment

Joseph - God’s Appointment

Have you ever had an expectation in life that you end up being disappointed? Life is full of appointments and disappointments and through disappointments, you’ll see how God is working in your life. Through this “Learning from the Bible Characters” Series, we, the Salvation Garden, pray that you be able to open up your eyes as you read these blogs and that you will learn how God can work even in your disappointments. If you want to learn about David you may go to this link: David: The Man after God’s Own Heart and see how he became “A man after God’s own heart” and God’s Perfect Timing through the life of Esther: God’s Perfect Timing.

Today, we’ll be talking about a man who became disappointed many times not just in himself but in his family, his workplace, and everywhere he goes and does, he faces disappointment. Disappointment is inevitable but for a dreamer, disappointment is somehow a failure. Learn how Joseph overcame the three major disappointments he had in life.

1. Joseph being sold to the Egyptians

Joseph, ever since he was a kid, he always had dreams, that’s why he was called, “Joseph the Dreamer”. He dreamt of his parents and his brothers bowing to him together with the stars and so when he told them, his father and his brothers, his siblings were angrier than they were before. Since Joseph was the second to the youngest, he was his dad’s favorite. However, his brothers had always bullied him but despite that, he continued to love them. But there came a time when his brothers had the opportunity to sell him, and so he was sent with the Egyptians and he was disappointed and he could not believe that his own brothers sold him for money. In life, you may encounter disappointments even around your family and friends but remember that God has a greater plan in your disappointment.

2. Joseph being falsely accused

When Joseph had already adjusted, he worked hard to be able to get a job and someone named Potiphar hired him as his household slave, and Joseph was treated well by Potiphar. However, Potiphar’s wife was attracted to Joseph that she wanted to be with Joseph and when Joseph refused, Potiphar’s wife had him prisoned for a false accusation. Again, even in the workplace, Joseph was disappointed because first, he lost his job then he lost Potiphar’s trust. Sometimes, you’ll be falsely accused by people who could not take advantage of you. It happens and you’ll be more disappointed especially when you are being accused by a person whom you trust or respect. However, Joseph’s story does not end here.

3. Joseph being imprisoned

After being falsely accused by Potiphar’s wife, Potiphar had Joseph imprisoned and that’s where Joseph met Pharaoh’s Cupbearer and Baker. God had given Joseph the gift to interpret dreams and the two fellow prisoners had dreamt of dreams he interpreted them and just asked for them to mention him to Pharoah. Eventually, when Pharaoh heard he could interpret dreams, he eventually went to Pharaoh to interpret his dreams and that’s how became Pharaoh’s right hand in command.

Joseph’s journey towards his God-given purpose wasn’t easy. There were a lot of challenges that would possibly hinder him if he wasn’t putting his faith and trust in God. He might have given up if it was just him, but the most important thing about Joseph was that he was with God. He did not settle for less and just trusted the Lord. Just like you, you may face challenges and disappointments at times but remember that God is with you. There are days you will really be disappointed but knowing your purpose at the end of the day will surely shift your focus towards your appointment with your destiny! Your disappointments may lead you to God’s Appointment in your life. Just learn to trust and obey His Word.

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Joseph - God’s Appointment


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