Pray at the Jesus Appearance Site in the Holy Land

Pray at the Jesus Appearance Site in the Holy Land

Write your own prayer request, we will print it and hand deliver your prayer at the Jesus appearance site in the Holy Land.

Jesus Appearance Site

To deliver your prayer requests, The Salvation Garden team visited the holy place of Emmaus Nicopolis, in the Holy Land, the exact location where Jesus appeared after resurrection and broke bread with his disciples. To place your own prayer request, please click here.

The visit was inspiring, spirituality is everywhere, we could feel it in our heart and bones. And the stunning sunset added to it all. We were thrilled to deliver prayers.

Jesus Appearance Site Emmaus - Prayer Request

City of Christians

We held our breath in front of this ancient Byzantine marble stone with Greek inscription stating:

“In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Beautiful the City of Christians is”.

This is where it all happened and He appeared. What a strong place.

Jesus Appearance Ancient Sign - Prayer Request

2,000 Years Old

The earliest church building found in Emmaus Nicopolis is from the 3rd century. Nearly 2 millennia ago, people in the Holy Land marked this unique place as the exact location where Jesus returned to walk among us.

Jesus Appearance Location Holy Land - Prayer Request

Your Own Prayer Request

We took with us over 30 prayer requests and read them softly at this holy place. Being so close to where He appeared after resurrection felt like bliss. Learning that at least one prayer was already answered by a miracle filled our heart with love.

Jesus Appearance Prayer Request

Write Your Own Prayer Request

Through The Salvation Garden, once you write your prayer request, select your churches and click Continue. There, you will see an option to add “Jesus Appearance“, which means we will be honored to take your prayer with us on our next trip to Emmaus Nicopolis. The service fee we charge doesn’t even cover all costs, yet we raised some funds to allow us to continue. Thank you!

Click here to write your prayer request.

Jesus Appearance Location Holy Land - Prayer Request


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