Looking for new love? It is worth praying for it

Looking for new love? It is worth praying for it

When you look around your social circle, does it strike you that most of your siblings, cousins, and friends have found the person of their dreams and have settled down to happy matrimony? To your utter amazement, even the ones who were left behind or had sworn to stay away from the bond of marriage have found their ideal partners or soulmates and will soon be ensconced in their love nests. On the other hand, you are picking up the broken pieces of your love life and trying to act normal. As you get on with your life, you realize the emptiness in your world. You yearn for companionship but, at the same time, feel wary of making the same mistake twice. You begin to blame yourself for everything that goes wrong in your life and begin to question yourself for even inane things happening around you. You realize in your heart of hearts that only Divine Grace can help you tide over your past and begin life anew; yet, when you start praying, your soul seems to be restless. If you can identify your predicament but do not know who to turn to, consider sending a prayer request to soothe your restive heart and soul.


I had always believed in fairy tale romances and “happily ever after” endings, but when I went through a painful period of heartbreak my world fell apart. Life seemed to drag and I began to lose interest in things and activities I used to enjoy. I became a recluse and would get irritated at the slightest provocation. I prayed to God but, at times, words failed me and tears rolled down my cheeks. In my despair, I thought even the Almighty had forsaken me.

My best friend suggested that I send a prayer request to find hope and a motive in life. Although I had heard accounts of others and their success stories, I was skeptical as to whether it would work for me. Moreover, I was physically as well as mentally too tired to undertake any journey to seek solace. My friend told me to look for places where I can send an online prayer request as it would serve my purpose. Together, we searched the web and asked our friends and relatives for suggestions. I thought: “Why not send a prayer request to the Holy Land and have my prayers answered?” Finally, I zeroed in on a church and decided to look at the options for sending an online prayer request. But, somewhere, at the back of my mind, I still had a nagging feeling as to whether it would work for me. After much trepidation, I decided to send a prayer request and bolster my faith in the Almighty to show me the right path. I wrote down my thoughts and sent them to my chosen church. When I received a video and a digital photograph of my prayer at the church in my email, I felt a great sense of fulfillment; there was a feeling of hope and joy in my heart.


A few weeks later, I felt that I could pray with a more focused mind. I did not feel so restless and gradually started picking up the threads of my life. Soon, my parents introduced me to a family friend whom I had not met before. At first, my past came back to haunt me and I thought that I was heading for another disastrous relationship. It was at these times that I would think of the path that the Lord had chosen for me. Slowly I realized that I had met the right person and could foresee a happy future awaiting me. Although I was undertaking a new journey I knew that the Almighty was always with me. He showered his blessings on me and gave me a ray of hope when I thought that everything in my life had come to a standstill. I realized that the path chosen for me was God’s will and I decided to cast aside my apprehensions and travel down the road before me.

There are times when our belief in the Almighty becomes a little shaky and we do not know what to do or which road to take. Sending a prayer request goes a long way in providing us with a direction in troubled times. You can send a prayer request online if incurring the additional expenses of travelling or your present circumstances act as a deterrent. One does not have to be tech-savvy as the process of sending an online prayer request only involves a few simple and easy steps. If you are in distress, it may not always be visible to the outside world; yet, your bleeding heart tears you apart every single day of your life. All you need is a strong belief in the Almighty’s healing powers to come out as a winner.

We, The Salvation Garden, offer you the chance to send your urgent prayer requests for any reason. Allow us to pray for you! Send your Urgent Prayer Requests now.

Our dedicated team members will personally take your urgent prayer requests to a Church of your choice in the Holy Land and then offer them to our Lord. After we bring your prayer requests to your chosen Holy Church, we will send you videos or pictures to assure you.




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