Strength through Prayer

Strength through Prayer


Yesterday’s blog was about the basic questions of anyone wondering about what prayer is, who could pray, when to pray, where, why, and how.  For new Christians or even the old ones, it’s good to be reminded about what prayer really is and how it helps a person connect to God and develop his/her relationship. If you like to read more about yesterday’s blog, click this link,

Now that it was discussed, we can now proceed to one of the benefits when it comes to prayer. Prayer is so broad that there are benefits every time you do it. And one of the main benefits is strength, which we’ll talk about today. Strength is essential for anyone whether a kid or even an old person. It is what one needs in order to get up, dress up and show up in any commitment or responsibility that person has. However, it is not just about physical strength that one would need but also, spiritual, mental, and emotional too because there are battles we face every day, which is going to also be discussed in this series in the next few days.

There are different areas where you would need strength and those aspects are physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional which also has reasons why you should pray for every part of it because each aspect is as important as the other one.

Physical Strength

This pandemic showed a lot of importance in the smallest things just like waking up to a healthy body. God has the power to strengthen your body and even heal the sick. Just like in the Bible, when Jesus made a lame man walk, the blind man sees and many other miracles. It was because of prayer and the faith of the person. Many people pray to God with unbelief and that is the enemy of God’s power working in you. When you pray for physical strength, you need to know that God really grants that strength in you because you’ll realize that when you reach the fullest potential of your body. You will see that without God’s power in your prayer for your strength, you wouldn’t be able to use your hands to work and your feet to support you. Some people lack strength in their physical body and so prayer works wonders when you pray that God would give you the strength that you need in order to move around and do what you need to do.

Mental Strength

A lot of people had trouble during this pandemic and even before the pandemic. People encounter mental breakdowns due to stress in studies, work, or finances. There are a lot of reasons to break down mentally and that’s when you realize the importance of praying even for your mind. Praying for your mind to function properly and that the mind of Christ be upon you as you face every day because every day you would encounter different people, places, and things, and sometimes that would cause you to have a hard time processing them because our minds have the limited capacity and the only way to reach more than that capacity is through prayer that God would guide you in handling different situations. The reason why there are people going through psychiatrists is because of their mental stability. In this world, if you don’t know how to handle challenging situations, it may cause mental breakdowns and even worse. That’s why you are blessed to have access to prayer for your mental strength.

Emotional Strength

There are days wherein your emotions are being used too much. Whether that be your happiness, sadness, grief, anger, and any other emotions one could feel. You will always have days where you feel one or two emotions at that day or even more. Emotional exhaustion is even worse than physical exhaustion. That’s because our emotions are temporary and fast-paced. We feel one emotion now but the next minute, we feel the opposite of it. That’s why the Bible says to never trust our feelings or emotions because it is inconsistent, it is fleeting. So you need to really depend on the strength of God guiding us on our emotions because if you use your strength in the things or people you don’t need to use it on, you will really feel tired in the end. Your prayer for your emotions every day matters because your emotions will determine the thoughts you think of and the words you speak. So for you to walk in God’s plan, you need to learn to control your emotions and strengthen them through prayer.

Spiritual Strength

You might be wondering, why spirituality is part of the four aspects of strength through prayer. Well, that’s because spiritual strength is just like your physical strength. Exercising yourself through prayer, reading God’s word and worshipping develops your spiritual strength to face every battle in life. It all boils down to spirituality because it is a connection between you and God. You need to be strengthened spiritually for you to learn more about God and know Him more on a personal level. Praying for your spiritual strength is a challenge because no one could be consistent in reading the Bible and praying but praying for this aspect helps us practice and live by it. And so, just how consistent you are in exercising your physical strength, learn to exercise your spiritual strength more.


Now that you have seen every aspect of prayer and how you may get strength from it, we, the Salvation Garden pray that you would incorporate this in your daily life that you may be able to see the difference when you pray. This blog series is not yet over! There is more to prayer and we’ll be talking about it more. 

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