Heavenly Father, I thank You for blessing me with this life. I thank You for Your wonderful works that are working within me. Continue to help me focus on You and not on other things that I may always be reminded of and see how great you are in my life. Bless me, Lord, that I may be a blessing to everyone around me. Use my life, oh God, to fulfill your plans for me for the glory of Your kingdom. I pray that You give me a heart that praises and honors You all the time. Amen.


God, I thank You for my family. Thank You for all the great things that You have done and will be doing for us. Continue to keep us united with the peace that comes from You to live as a family that works to do Your will each and every day. Bind us with Your love that we may always remember to love each other just as how You loved us. I pray for Your precious blood to cover us from our head to our foot that will protect us from all harm. Please guide and lead us to the way of living that You want us to live to give glory to Your Holy Name. I thank You, Lord, because You are our foundation, our strong tower. I entrust everything into Your loving hands, Amen.


I thank You, Lord, for giving me the chance to pray for my marriage. In times like these, I choose to surrender my married life to You. I have been through tough times with my spouse and I pray for peace and unity that comes from You to wrap us as we face troubles in our marriage. May we live according to Your plan that we may keep the love and peace in our marriage as You have loved us. I pray that you guide and lead us to be faithful to You as we learn to become faithful to each other. May Your name be glorified in our marriage, Amen.


Lord, thank You for my husband. Thank You for blessing our family with a foundation that is built and molded according to Your word. I pray for your protection upon Him as he goes to work every day to earn for our family. Strengthen him as he faces new opportunities every day. Continue to lead and guide him as he fulfills his part and role in our family to guide us and keep our family together. Use him for Your kingdom’s glory. Amen.


Father, I thank You for my wife. Thank You for giving us a family member that serves as the light in our family. I pray for your guidance and leading over her that as she do her role as a wife and a mother, she will find joy in everything she does. Continue to strengthen her and give her wisdom as she supports as a wife to her husband for the better relationship of our family. Use her for the glory of Your name, Amen.


Father God in heaven, I thank You for giving us children. I pray that You will continue to watch over them and protect them as they grow out and come into our house. Help us to teach them Your ways so that when they grow old, they will understand what it means to have fear in the Lord and they may walk in Your plans and purposes over their lives. Cover them with your most precious blood that no weapon formed against them shall prosper. May they learn to listen and obey their parents as they honor You. These we ask in Your name, Amen.


Lord, I thank You for the life of my relatives. Thank You for giving me people who love me like family. I pray for your protection over them and their loved ones every single day. May Your peace that passes all understanding be with them. Surround them with Your love that as they face their every day, they will always remember that You are with them and You love them. I pray all these in Your name, Amen.


Lord, I thank you for the gift of friendship. Thank You for giving me individuals from different families but treat me as their own sibling. I pray for God’s protection over them and their families. May the blessing of the Lord be always upon them that as they face difficulties in life, they may feel Your loving kindness. Guide them in every step that they are about to take. Amen.

Employment / Workplace

Dear God, thank You for blessing me with the job that I have right now. Thank You for blessing me with the ability to work and for giving me an opportunity to excel in everything that I am about to do. I pray that You may continue to grant me wisdom, knowledge, and understanding that I may do my tasks with excellence. Strengthen me and give me courage as I face new challenges every day that will make me grow. Bless me that I may be a blessing to my workplace for Your glory. These I pray in Your Holy name, Amen.


Lord, You have blessed me with this business and I am grateful for that. I thank You for You are my source of everything. Continue to give me wisdom on how I may manage this blessing of Yours with the ability that You have given me. Bless me, Lord, that I may be a blessing for the glory of Your kingdom. Amen.

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