5 New Year Prayers & Blessings – Begin 2022 with HOPE!

5 New Year Prayers & Blessings - Begin 2022 with HOPE!

A New Year brings with it an excellent opportunity to restart our love and faith for Christ and God. Irrespective of whether 2021 brought joy, fulfillment, and success, or you had to struggle, faced setbacks, and grief, you can look ahead to 2022 with positivity and hope.

Let us end the current year with gratitude in our hearts and begin the New Year with faith and peace.  Catholic prayer requests can help us move into another year with the conviction that Our Lord blesses us and always wants the best things for us.

So, let us pray that 2022 will focus on healing all believers through renewing our minds and deep repentance. It is possible to bring a new ray of hope into our world, home, and heart.

May these five New Year prayers and blessings begin 2022 with renewed hope! So, check them out below:

1. Praying for the Presence of God in the New Year

God, we thank you for being with us always. We know you are in us. Our resolutions may keep changing from year to year but open our ears this year. We wish to hear you and enjoy your presence at all junctions when you tell us to turn left or right. Amen.

2. Praying for a New Start 

Dear Lord, we thank you for a new beginning. It is an incredible day and the potential of a fresh year is unlimited for all of us. We wish to be faithful not only in this new year but also in every opportunity you offer to us. We thank you dear God for our fresh and exciting beginnings. We pray this in Christ’s name. Amen.

3. Praying for Peace in 2022

At the beginning of every day, please support me to recognize your power above everything else. Dear Lord, enlighten my heart’s eyes so that I can see you and observe how you are blessing me throughout my life.

Please give me the wisdom to make the finest choices in my life. Fill my heart with a strong desire to believe in you more than everything else in this universe. Thank you, God, for being better than everything I face in my day. Amen.

4. Praying for New Days 

Dear Father, I thank you for creating all things new. Please help me to live every day with new hope and positivity as another new year arrives. Bless me with the strength to sing a new song for you irrespective of what happens to me. I believe in you since I know you will shower me with new mercies each morning, and whatever lies ahead of me will not surprise you. Amen.

5. Praying to overcome the Struggles in the New Year

Dear Lord, give me the strength to start afresh, to overlook and overcome the struggles and obstacles. Please help me to be patient and give me the courage to realize that it takes some time to begin all over again. God, make me wise enough to seek support from family and friends when I require it. Amen.

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5 New Year Prayers & Blessings - Begin 2022 with HOPE!

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