5 Powerful Prayers for Love

5 Powerful Prayers for Love

You may be considering what prayer you should say for your loved ones. Prayer for love is a thoughtful and powerful way for your dear ones. Yet, there are occasions when we struggle to pray for others. There are innumerable reasons to pray for the people we love the most. A powerful prayer for love entails asking for the infinite affection, wisdom, and power of God in the lives of your spouses, girlfriends, or boyfriends.

The following are the five powerful prayers for couples in love, which you should practice regularly:

1. Prayer for a Loving Wife

God, I pray for a godly and loving wife! Bless her so that she has a pure life, and may she be a wonderful human being inside out. May she love me always, and I reciprocate the same feelings toward her. Lord, our provider, let my wife have an inner beauty of a quiet and gentle spirit. I pray that she should always be at peace with this planet. Amen!

2. Prayer for a Caring Husband

Loving Lord, I pray to you for a loving husband who will care for me the way you care for the Church. May he love me always and lead our married life in a godly way. O God! May he be considerate and kind to me and give me respect and honor! Father, may I also respect him and love him always. I pray that I am an ideal wife for my husband. Amen!

3. Prayer for a Special Person

Dear Savior, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for blessing me with so much love! I am looking forward to offering the same kind of love to another person. I crave a special person, someone I can respect and love deeply and selflessly with a pure heart. Loving God, please help me to find that one special person who I can be true. Guide me to the correct path to discover this gem of a person soon. Amen!

4. Prayer for More Love from My Spouse

Heavenly Father, I ask you to see that my spouse showers me with more love. My beloved is responsible, faithful, amiable, and always takes care of family responsibilities. Yet, I feel, that the passion we once shared has faded with time. It appears we have grown distant and are often like roommates.

I yearn for a closer bonding and true intimacy with the most special person in my life. There was a time when we laughed together, pined for each other’s company, and shared our dreams. I pray that you rekindle that same passion and love in the heart and eyes of my life partner. Amen!

5. Prayer to Go Back to My First Love

Dear Lord, rekindle that first sweet love in me once again. I am not shy to confess that I got distracted in the last few years. I ask for forgiveness and pray that you give me the strength to return to my first love. Let me soon experience those intimate moments spent with my beloved. Amen!

How Can The Salvation Garden Help You?

The Salvation Garden believes that every individual in the world should be easily able to access the churches of the Holy Land. We want to assist you in achieving success in your love life. We assure you that your relationship prayers for love will reach your preferred holy site.

You have to fill out an online form with your prayers for a soul mate and true love and choose a church or multiple churches in the Holy Land from our website. We will visit those churches and deliver your printed prayers for your girlfriend/boyfriend requests personally. While our service comes free, your donations help us with our travel, security, printing, and other expenses.


5 Powerful Prayers for Love


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